Teacher Tip #9 (Part One) Engage Spiritual Passion in your Students

I hear often from youth pastors that Christian school middle and high school students are not hungry for the Word of God. I am not always sure what the youth pastors mean by this. I think it means, for example, that during corporate worship at youth group, the Christian school students are not participating or are goofing off. Maybe they mean that Christian school students don’t always enjoy doing the homework that sometimes youth pastors give (i.e. memorize memory verses, word studies, etc) or they don’t attend youth group or other church functions at all.

When I led a youth ministry many years ago, I saw some of the apathy too. I did not find that to be true of all my Christian school students, but some of them. I think it is important not to paint all Christian school students with a broad stroke.

One of the many reasons that I love “Walking with God and His People” is that it connects the heart and hands pieces to the head part. CSI Bible curriculum has always been strong at head knowledge. In other words, our students know the Bible well. Now, the curriculum has connected the heart and hands piece to it, too.

We need to make sure that we when we are teaching the curriculum that we emphasize the heart and hands pieces. This is a valuable part of keeping our students hungry for God’s Word.

Each part of the curriculum’s lessons is coded with a head, heart or hands symbol. This is to point out to you what the curriculum is trying to influence in the students.

This blog is part one of a few blog posts that I am going to write about how to engage our students to live out the Word of God in their lives.

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