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Get to know the Students in your Classroom

As I am writing this blog, it is the last week of school for the year. I am finishing up a Prayer unit with my 7th graders. As part of the unit, Continue reading

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You Must Have a Passion for Christian Education

I started writing this blog from the Youth Hostel (like a hotel) in Chicago where my 7th grade students were staying for the night. I was the lead teacher/chaperone. I woke up early, so I thought I would start on this blog post. Continue reading

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Where is your Philosophy of Education Statement?

The next “must have” in our trek to discovering and writing down our Christ-centered worldview is to have a working philosophy of education. Continue reading

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Who Are the Children in Your Classroom?

I am currently reading the book, The Next Christian by Gabe Lyons.  In the book Lyons writes, “When we allow those talents to intersect with the burdens God and placed on our hearts, Continue reading

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A Biblical Theme Must Be A Part of Your Worldview

As I am writing this blog, it is Spring Break. I am enjoying spending more time with my wife and children.  My wife and I worked out a deal with our children that they need to read as much as they spend time on the Wii.  So far, the plan has worked.  My daughter even said that she enjoyed a sports book written by Matt Christopher.

On Easter morning, I listened to my children discussing the Easter story.  Even though my children are seven and nine, they understand (as much as any of us) how Jesus died on the cross for their sins and how He rose again from the dead.  My daughter ended the conversation with “I just don’t understand why Jesus had to die.”  I am so proud of my children.

I would like to say that the spiritual depth of my children is because of my awesome parenting and guidance.  The truth is that my wife and I, grandparents, church, and my children’s Christian school are the reasons that I believe my children are on track with their relationship with Jesus.

The fourth “must have” to writing your Christ-centered worldview is you must know the major themes of the Bible, and how God has worked through the lives of the Bible characters.  If you wish to see the full list of “Must haves,” please click here.

In my Reformed tradition, I believe in the creation, fall, and redemption theme.  In my children’s conversation, I could hear their teacher’s words when talking about why Jesus had to die. The words were the message of Jesus coming to restore this broken world.

When you understand the Biblical themes, you can apply this to your classroom.  Literature, History, Math and other subjects can be taught through the prism of your theme.  The goal of Christian education is to train the students to see God in all things so that they will see God in all things when they are adults.

Creation, Fall, and Redemption theme is complex and it is difficult to develop in this blog, but click here and you will get an excellent overview of creation, fall and redemption theme from the Colson Center.

Most movies and books follow the creation, fall, redemption theme. For example, consider the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis. The creation is the entering into Narnia. The fall is Edmund’s working with the witch, and the redemption is the killing and then raising to life of Aslan, returning Naria to its intended state.

An example in Science might be shown through recycling. We have goods that are created, but then when we are finished with them, do we just throw them away? (a version of the fall). By recycling, we are showing a version of God’s redemption – bring something new out of something old.

These are just two quick examples to get you started in your own thinking: How does creation, fall, and redemption affect your worldview?  How is creation, fall and redemption taught in your classroom?


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The Worldview of the Head, Heart, and Hands

I have been talking this year about a Christ-centered worldview and more specifically how CSI’s Bible curriculum Walking with God and His People builds a Christ-centered worldview.  In my classroom, I teach the curriculum that I support for CSI.  I appreciate how well my students have responded to it.

Walking with God and His People builds a Christ-centered worldview of the head, the heart and the hands.  Toward the end of the year, I will write with specifics on how it accomplishes this pursuit.

My original intent in this blog series was to go into the specifics of how Walking with God and His People builds a Christ-centered worldview after I talked about people in my life that exemplify it.  After talking with several groups of Christian school teachers, I found that many don’t know how to articulate their own Christ-centered worldview.  This part of the blog series is about how to articulate your Christ-centered worldview.

I have written a blog post about the 7 must haves in a Christ-centered worldview.  You can read the blog by clicking here.

The second of the 7 must haves is to know how Jesus affects your actions and thinking. In other words, a Christ-centered worldview should influences our head, heart and hands.  Traditionally, when we have thought about Christ-centered worldview, we have only thought about the head.  I strongly believe that a Christ-centered worldview is more than just the head.  It is also about the heart and the hands, too

I suggest that you find a piece of lined paper and divide into three parts.  On the top, write about how Jesus affects your thinking.  The middle section is about how Jesus affects your feelings, and lastly how Jesus affects your actions.

Jesus affects my thinking.  I like to think about how to solve problems. Any personality test I take shows that I am a visionary.  I don’t see the world as it is but rather of what it could be.  Christ has influenced my thinking by coming up with ideas that impact the world of Christian schooling. I want more students in Christian schools because I believe in its mission. I am thinking of ways to make Christian schools more economically viable.  I would also like to see more Christian schools.  This is one of the ways that Christ has influenced my thinking.

Jesus has influenced my heart.  I feel for children who live in impoverished areas.  The new video from Audio Adrenaline exemplifies how Jesus has influenced my feelings. Here is the video.

In your last part of your paper think about how Jesus has influence your actions.  My teaching in a Christian school is part of what I consider to be my ministry. Is it for you? What other areas of your life are you serving in because of your worldview

The other day I was in line at a grocery store. The elderly person in front of me did not have enough money to purchase her groceries.  I told the clerk that I would purchase the groceries for her.  The woman was so appreciative and wanted to take my name and phone number and pay me back. I told her that I would not give her my name.  I am not trying to sound pious, but rather give an example of how my actions are influenced by Jesus.

When you are finished with your sheet of paper (or papers), save it.  When we are finished with the “7 Haves in your Christ-Centered Worldview,” we will put it together in a portfolio.

Please share examples of how Jesus has affected your head, heart and hands by commenting on this blog.


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